Recycling Balers and Other Equipment for Rent

Recycling Balers and Other Equipment for Rent

Welcome back!

This week we will talk a little about baler and compactor rentals. Rentals can be a beneficial way to lessen the blow of a capital equipment purchase or a short term investment to properly recycle your waste and get a return on your material.

Baler and compactor rentals are ideal for:

  • Office Complexes and Campuses
  • Shopping Centers
  • Hospitality, Resorts, Hotels, Motels
  • Grocery Stores and Supermarkets
  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • Department Stores
  • Schools, Colleges & Universities
  • Amusement Parks & Theme Parks
  • Recycling Centers
  • HealthCare (Hospitals / Medical Facilities)

Ely Enterprises can handle the entire rental process from freight, unloading and installation.

We have a re-conditioned auto-tie out on rental now to a distribution center-they love it because it helped reduced labor and conveyor equipment expenses. Rentals are a great way to significantly reduce waste hauling charges-and that’s exactly what this unit did in the distribution center where Ely Enterprises installed.


Any questions or concerns? Please contact or visit our website at You can also call 1-888-8-BALERS for any other information.