Baler Rentals

Why Baler Rentals are Beneficial

Recycling cardboard, paper waste and even textiles can offer a company a number of advantages. The capital investment required for this type of equipment need not be a barrier for a company that is just starting out or needs equipment on a temporary basis. Ely Enterprises offers baler rentals on all types of models, including vertical or horizontal balers, compactors and large scale or specialty balers as well.

Renting a baler allows a business to either introduce recycling to its operations to cut down on hauling costs, upgrade a current baler without the capital expenditure, avoid equipment obsolescence and/or remain current with industry standards. Recycling waste has intrinsic advantages such as a safer and cleaner workspace, in addition to measurable benefits.

Immediate Savings

A monthly rental fee will easily pay for itself in multiple ways:

  • Save labor
  • Save time
  • Reduce trash hauling and/or disposal costs
  • Get a return on baled material

Customers always have the option to rent baling equipment instead of purchasing. Ely Enterprises includes preventive maintenance and a service warranty as part of the rental agreement. Initial costs include installation and transportation, but is free of worry, since Ely Enterprises has its own fleet of trucks.

Temporary or Short-Term

Temporary or short-term baler rentals present a flexible option for any number of recycling situations. Temporary rentals can fill in the gap when existing equipment fails or is being repaired. Some retailers or even manufacturing plants might have a seasonality to recycling that calls for extra capacity for a short period of time.

Short term rentals are the perfect solution for a company trying to establish itself in the recycling industry. Short-term baler rentals lower the risk while minimizing cash outlay. Short term rentals are perfect for companies facing a surge in demand that don’t have the equipment to keep up. A rental agreement allows a company the time to assess long-term growth potential prior to making a purchase commitment.

Expert Consultation

Renting a baler from an industry leader like Ely Enterprises affords a company the expertise to select the right baler for your needs. We can offer guidance to supply the proper size, model and capacity based on specifications such as the type of material being handled, available space, volume, etc. One size doesn’t fit all situations and the baler or compactor should meet the needs of the facility, large or small.

We also arrange for transportation and installation. Ely Enterprises owns its own fleet of delivery vehicles for secure transport. Our tenured staff expertly installs the baler in your facility so it is ready for operation.

Industries that can benefit from baler rentals include:

  • Amusement or theme parks
  • Converters
  • Distribution centers
  • Grocery stores
  • Hospitality industry
  • Medical facilities
  • Manufacturing
  • Municipalities
  • Office complexes
  • Recycling centers
  • Retailers
  • Schools, colleges and universities

Contact us or call (216) 249-6189 to learn more about baler rentals and the advantages of working with Ely Enterprises for your recycling needs.