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Industrial trash compactors are designed for a variety of applications and industries. They are used to crush, flatten, or compress cans, bottles, drums, barrels, fibrous materials, textiles, food products, metals, paper, corrugated materials, plastics, rubber, tires, pallets, crates, and wood chips.

Whatever your specific requirements, Ely Enterprises can provide a compactor to meet those requirements!

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Compactors vary in compaction ratio, speed, operating space required, and whether they are suited for wet or dry waste streams. The right choice depends on the volume, type of waste, spatial constraints, and operational needs of the business.  

  • Stationary compactors process dry waste and are ideal for office complexes, manufacturing plants, restaurants, and other industrial and commercial applications.  
  • Self-contained compactors target applications that require storing and removing wet waste. Typically located outside a facility to prevent work area contamination, the entire unit is hauled to the disposal site. Supermarkets, hospitals, and shopping centers often use them.  
  • Auger compactors handle tough applications like pallets, cardboard, and wastepaper, and are used everywhere from factories to auto dealers.  
  • Apartment compactors are designed to work in apartment trash rooms with limited space.  
  • Vertical compactors are space-saving designs that can accommodate dry or wet waste. 

Ely Enterprises sells four leading brands of compactors: BACE, PTR, Cram-A-Lot, and Auto-Pak – Komar. Our Komar brand, for example, makes auger compactors designed to handle difficult disposal items like pallets, skids, boxes, furniture (including beds), other types of bulk waste, and general waste. 

Not sure which type or brand of compactor is right for you? An Ely representative will conduct a compaction audit for you, visiting your site if needed and engaging all the stakeholders in your facility to ensure we fully understand your needs.

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