Shredders (Paper, Wood and Plastic Grinders and More)

Shedders play a pivotal role in the recycling efforts of companies in a wide variety of industries. Whether the job involves grinding plastics, wood paper, cardboard, metal, tires, biomass, construction or demolition debris, garbage, cars, or data storage media, there’s a shredder that can handle it. Shredders routinely slice through, grind up and otherwise masticate waste products, making them manageable for disposal.

From Documents to Debris, a Shredder Can Handle It

Used for destroying sensitive or out-of-date documents, recycling plastic or paper for processing, or simple cleanup for bundling and disposal, a shredder often plays a key role in a company’s housekeeping efforts. Shredders can work in unison with balers to systematically shred, compress, and bundle waste products for larger organizations, enabling them to maintain ecological, safety, and fire standards.

Shredders vary in type, size, and capacity to meet the needs of large and small organizations. Some units operate at low speeds to maintain low noise levels and reduce dust, especially when processing paper and cardboard. They often produce easily processed chunks of waste that work well in high-density baling operations. Many machines feature digitized touch-screen controls and convenient routine maintenance procedures.

SSI UniShear Shredder 16

We have many

  • wood grinders,
  • plastic grinders,
  • single and multiple shaft shredders,
  • paper shredders,
  • as well as full turn-key system design and installation for your specific shredding needs.

Shredders and balers are a great combination

High-capacity shedders are designed to produce at maximum capacity and work well for corrugated box plants, sheet plants, and plants that process folding cartons. Some shredders are designed to connect mechanically to balers, enabling them to provide integral service. Another element of the shredder family is a special heavy-duty unit suited for handling ferrous metal scrap metal and automotive vehicle disposal.


Ely Enterprises offers a wide variety of shredders, along with industry-beating sales support and service for both new and used equipment. We have a fully stocked parts department for all industrial recycling equipment. Whether it is a preventative maintenance program or full reconditioning, we can help you with your recycling equipment service.

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