Two-Ram Balers

Is a two-ram baler right for your operation? Learn more about the best applications for this scrap processing equipment, along with its capabilities and benefits.

Companies may need a two-ram baler if they process high volumes of recyclable materials as well as various other types. In addition to cardboard, the equipment is suitable for handling plastics, textiles, foam, metals and more.

Two Rams No Waiting

The two-ram baler is often used by materials recovery facilities (MRFs), solid waste facilities, recycling centers, scrap metal yards, and other industries generating significant amounts of waste recyclable material.

With a bale volume range of 50-plus cubic feet (cu ft) and shipping bale weights from 1,000 #’s to over 6,000 #’s. Today’s two-ram balers feature complete electronic control systems and automatic wire or plastic strapping for the baled materials. Today’s units require the operator to select the grade of material to be processed and the baler will adjust its parameters to produce completed bales. They’re recommended when you have difficult to bale materials that exceed to ability of singe ram units.

Two Ram Baler
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How It Works

The term “two-ram” refers to the fact that there are two “rams” or hydraulic cylinders used to compress materials into a tight, uniform bundle. The first ram compresses the bale in a series of laminations. Once enough material has been compressed the second ram pushes the material out of the baler. As it is ejected a wire or strap is applied to the bale to contain the material for shipment. These allow the user to efficiently process large volumes, thus improving productivity and throughput. These machines work well when it is necessary to compress a wide range of materials.

Unlike many single-ram horizontal balers, two-ram balers can tackle your most demanding jobs without complaint. They offer superior materials processing flexibility, and their heavy-duty construction allows for continuous feeding, reducing downtime and cutting your operating costs. The design offers more control of the compression, resulting in more uniform bales – these bales are smaller and denser and occupy less space, helping to reduce storage and transportation costs.

Your Source for Reconditioned Two-Ram Balers

Ely Enterprises carries a variety of used recycling equipment and provides services for many of the most reputable baler brands. Our reconditioned units come with a 90-day standard warranty.

If you are looking for a high-quality refurbished two-ram baler and are interested in learning more about Ely Enterprises or any of our used equipment, please contact our sales staff at 888-8-BALERS (22-5377) or at