Rental Equipment

Recycling Equipment Rental


A very common problem these days is how do you start a recycling program or save on hauling when your company is not putting any money in the budget for capital equipment purchases? You see your dumpster or compactor getting filled with cardboard but what options do you have? Talk to your Ely Enterprises representative about renting a baler.

This is a very attractive option for companies that don’t want to spend a lump sum of money on equipment. Rental programs start out relatively inexpensive and the monthly fee may even be covered with the sale of your cardboard. Add in the hauling saving you will immediately see and this becomes a very attractive option for some companies. One of the best parts is the maintenance is included on the unit.

Ely Enterprises have many units out on rent from vertical balers to wide mouth auto-tie balers. We will either suggest some local recyclers for you or we can handle the bale removal and apply the proceeds to your monthly rental amount. This keeps the out of pocket expenses down and should show a positive to the bottom line with not having your trash picked up as much.