Pneumatic Conveying Systems

Save time, save plant space and run more efficient operations with a pneumatic conveying system from Ely Enterprises. A pneumatic conveyor allows recyclers, converting facilities or paper mills to efficiently and safety transport trim, excess or scrap away from the generation point to further processing.

Automatic pneumatic systems convey even the smallest particles of scrap to help realize a 100% recyclable conversion rate while drastically reducing employee handling to improve safety. In addition, pneumatic conveyors allow processors to run lines at full speed without snags, clogs or jams typical to other types of conveying systems, decreasing downtime to increase productivity.

The type of manufacturers or converters that can reap the greatest benefit from a pneumatic conveyor generally process paper, corrugated, honeycomb, folding carton, film, tape & label, or non-wovens (such as material for diapers or mask production) and include:

  • Paper mills
  • Printing plants
  • Corrugated plants
  • Converters
  • Recyclers
  • Sheet and film companies

Experience Matters

The staff at Ely Enterprises brings a combined 80+ years’ worth of knowledge in the recycling, converting and pneumatic systems industry from pickup to collection points. Our sales network is comprised of degreed engineers; problem solvers who go onsite to analyze and provide the information necessary to derive a practical, long-term solution.

Airflow and static pressure readings help determine the functional limits of the existing system. Our experts can then make recommendations for a reconditioned system or new design.

We can redesign any pneumatic conveying system in the market, regardless of the original equipment manufacturer and consult with the plant manager to select the right pneumatic conveyor that meets processing and performance requirements. Our goal is to get the scrap from point A to point B without issue for a streamlined, highly efficient operation to help customers realize their greatest profit potential.

Thorough Proposal Package

The proposal package includes a cover letter explaining which type of pneumatic conveyor will best suit line speeds, volume and desired performance; a comprehensive proposal including explanatory line items; plus 3-D renderings or proposal drawings of the equipment. Pricing is held for a reasonable length of time to allow for thorough internal discussion and decision-making processes.

When companies need a quick response, consider purchasing used/reconditioned equipment available within a much shorter timeframe than a new pneumatic conveying system – still guaranteed, and at a much less capital expense.

Just a few of the many benefits supplied by a pneumatic conveying system from Ely Enterprises:

Automate scrap handling for greater safety and greater efficiencies.

  • Decrease downtime by eliminating clogs and jams.
  • Effectively handles the smallest scraps for less waste.
  • Allows for highest possible reclaimed scrap ratio.
  • Continuous press runs.
  • Decreases forklift traffic.
  • Occupies smaller plant footprint than alternate scrap collection systems.
  • Less maintenance dependent than alternate scrap collection systems.
  • Dependable.
  • Durable.
  • Complete Turn-Key Installations – single source provider.

Contact us to schedule your onsite survey of existing equipment or to discuss your needs regarding a pneumatic conveying system from Ely Enterprises: 216-249-6189.