Ferrous Scrap Equipment

Harris red 2 PC 100k

For over 100 years, Harris has been an industry leader in manufacturing scrap recycling and processing equipment. They have units for any application you have. Because of our renewed relationship with Harris Waste, we are able to service and sell the full line of Harris Ferrous Equipment.

Some of the applications that Harris Scrap Machines can handle are:

  •  Auto Scrap
  • Steel Mill Scrap
  • Pipe and Plate
  • No.1 Heavy Melt Scrap
  • No.2 Heavy Melt Scrap
  • Selected sections of freight cars and ship scrap
  • Stainless Sheet
  • Factory Clips & Skeletons
  • Shapes & Wire
  • Tubing
  • Various Metals (Copper, Aluminum Sheet)

 Harris Ferrous Scrap equipment has something that will match your solutions for any application you have.

At your service since 1981, let Ely Enterprises assist you with your service and equipment needs. Through our partnership with Harris Waste, we can offer the full range of ferrous scrap processing equipment.

If you are interested in Ferrous equipment
please contact our sales staff at
888-8-BALERS (225377),
or email at sales@elyent.com.