Komar Auger Compactors

Komar Auger Compactors: The Powerhouse of Waste Management 

Komar’s Auger Compactors stand as a testament to innovation and reliability. These industrial-grade machines are engineered to tackle a wide spectrum of waste materials, from general bagged waste to oversized wood waste, offering businesses and organizations a powerful solution for reducing their environmental footprint and enhancing productivity. Contact Ely to learn more about Komar Compactor options for your facility.  

Unparalleled Compaction for Reduced Transportation Costs 

At the heart of Komar Auger Compactors lies a unique auger design that delivers exceptional compaction rates. The rotating auger screw, featuring heavy-duty cast alloy steel flights and hooked teeth, effectively shreds and compacts waste materials, minimizing their volume and reducing the number of roll-off containers required. This translates into significant savings on transportation costs, both in terms of fuel consumption and disposal fees. 

Superior Durability for Unwavering Performance 

Komar Auger Compactors are built to withstand the rigors of even the most demanding industrial environments. Their robust construction, featuring solid alloy-steel shafts and patented bearing support systems, ensures unwavering performance and longevity. These machines are engineered to handle a variety of waste materials, including wood waste, cardboard boxes, pallets, crates, skids, furniture, and other bulk waste, without compromising their integrity. 

Enhanced Safety for a Protected Workplace 

Komar Auger Compactors prioritize safety in every aspect of their design. The enclosed auger system eliminates the risk of entanglement or injury, while the low-noise operation ensures a quieter working environment. Additionally, these machines are equipped with safety features such as ratchet binders and container adapters to further safeguard operators and prevent accidents. 

Environmental Stewardship through Waste Reduction 

Komar Auger Compactors play a crucial role in promoting environmental sustainability by reducing waste volumes and minimizing transportation emissions. By effectively compacting waste materials, these machines help businesses and organizations divert waste from landfills, conserving valuable resources and contributing to a greener planet. 

Whether you’re managing general waste from your office building, processing cardboard boxes and pallets at your warehouse, or handling oversized wood waste at your lumberyard, Komar Auger Compactors offer a versatile and efficient solution for your waste management needs. These machines deliver superior compaction, unmatched durability, enhanced safety, and environmental stewardship, making them a wise investment for businesses and organizations of all sizes. 

At Ely, we pride ourselves in representing, selling, installing and servicing the very best equipment in waste management and recycling. Contact our team to find out if a Komar Compactor makes sense for your operation.