Welcome to the Ely Enterprise Blog! This week we will go into some basic wire tier maintenance and upkeep. The common theme for your tier system will be simple-keep it clean!

Wire Tier Maintenance

Vertical balers are the easiest-tracks on the bottom of the baling chamber guide your wire thru the back and over top the material for you to tie. Keep the tracks clean, and you will minimize your problems. Using a flat piece of cardboard on the bottom and top of the material in the baling chamber allows for a cleaner track.

What about horizontal auto ties? The fully automatic nature of these tiers cuts down on the manual labor of your operation-but it’s important to complete daily maintenance on your tier. There are a lot of moving parts on a horizontal auto tie’s tying system-twister hooks, prox switches, cutter blades, needles, etc. The same rules apply-keep the tier clean (and it wouldn’t hurt to have some extra parts lying around!). And don’t forget to properly lubricate! A little oil goes a long way.

Compressed air is key to keeping the tiers clean. We recommend having a dedicated airline close to your tier systems-keeping paper, dust, and other debris free from the parts will save you downtime and headaches down the road.

Tying back into last week-proper service and preventative maintenance can save you a lot of down time with your tier. Having extra parts, keeping the unit clean, and keeping the wire and tier properly lubricated are basic steps you can take to keep the lifeblood of your business running.

Next week we will get into the specifics on your two ram balers tying mechanism-the common theme again….KEEP IT CLEAN!

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