Vertical Baler: How to Choose Yours

Vertical Baler: How to Choose Yours

Vertical balers pack a lot of performance into a small space. If you process boxes or other packaging waste during your business day, you know how it can clog your dumpsters. An overflowing dumpster can be a fire and safety hazard, not to mention an unsightly blemish to an otherwise clean and tidy shop floor. And collapsing boxes before you discard them takes time that workers could spend better elsewhere. Vertical balers are designed specifically for establishments that generate moderate but annoying amounts of waste. Retail stores, schools, restaurants, hotels, office facilities, and many industrial facilities could all benefit from a reliable vertical baler, with its small footprint but big appetite for processing waste.

Why a Vertical Baler Makes Sense

Vertical balers from Ely Enterprises offer tremendous value to establishments that process moderate amounts of cardboard but not enough to warrant a larger, automated baling unit. Available in sizes from 36- to 72-inches wide and occupying a six-square-foot space, vertical balers typically stand about 11 feet high. They load from the top and feature industrial press technology to compact waste. Once the baler is full, an attendant feeds in baling wire to tie up the contents, which is ready for storage and transport for recycling. Vertical balers are ideal for processing cardboard, paper products and plastics like shrink wrap or stretch wrap used in packaging. Depending on the model, they can also process aluminum, scrap metal, steel cans and PET or HDPE plastics. Ely vertical balers require only a minimal amount of labor, and all come standard with safety features that meet ANSA and OSHA standards for the protection of the operator.

Select from New, Reconditioned, or Rental models

Ely Enterprises offers new and used (reconditioned) vertical balers, as well as rental units, from the best brands in the business. All reconditioned units come with 90-day standard warranties. It has never been easier to find the vertical baler that’s exactly right for your needs and budget. Experience how a vertical baler from Ely Enterprises can transform a messy storage area into a box- and trash-free zone in no time flat.