Tire Recycling

Tire Recycling

There are an estimated 800 million cars and commercial vehicles in use worldwide, with almost 70 million units being added to that number every year. The explosive growth in the automobile sector in recent decades has been accompanied by a substantial increase in volume of end-of-life tires. Significant developments by the recycling industry can now guarantee the adequate recovery of the millions of tires that are disposed of daily.Tire Recycling

Mainly composed of rubber, textiles and steel, tires are an ideal product for recycling. Recycling tires translates into lower energy consumption, a reduction in emissions and most importantly, a reduction in the amount of raw rubber needed for manufacturing which ultimately contributes to preserve natural resources like crude oil.

Tires are built to last. However, the very same properties that make them durable also make them difficult to break down. Disposing of tires in landfills or stockpiles can cause severe environmental and health concerns:

  • In many cases, tire stockpiles end up being burned, releasing toxins and pollutants into the air, water and soil.
  • Stockpiled tires hold water very efficiently, creating an ideal breeding environment for insects, rodents and other parasites that can transfer diseases to humans.

*Statistics are from (Bureau of International Recycling) Website

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