The importance of service and preventative maintenance

The importance of service and preventative maintenance

Regular service and preventative maintenance is key to keeping your equipment running now and into the future. When your cars check engine light is on, you usually fix it yourself or take it into the shop-why not do the same with the lifeblood of your business?

Some basic service standards include the following:

  • Check oil quality and levels
  • Make sure safeties, sensors, and limit switches are working properly
  • Check hydraulic pressures
  • Make sure there are no cylinder or hose leaks
  • Check that frame is structurally sound
  • Test and cycle machine so there are no malfunctions

Some machines have more intricate pieces and parts-wire tier systems on auto ties and two rams-liner plates-PLC’s, etc. Getting familiar with the machine yourself or calling in a professional to check on an annual basis can save you larger costs in repair and downtime down the road.

Next week, we will get into more detail on your wire tier system and what to look for in basic maintenance and upkeep. That includes keeping the guides on your vertical baler clear too!

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