Scrap Metal Recycling Process

Scrap Metal Recycling Process

Curbside recycling of household products is vital to reducing the burden on landfills and our need for raw materials. But municipal recycling comprises less than half the products recycled in the United States every year. Scrap metal comprises the majority of recycling and turns old metal into new products. A pickup truck or refrigerator could end up as a beam supporting the bridge you drive across every day. Here’s how the scrap recycling process works:

Steel Production

  1. Metal converters or fabricators buy material from mills or foundries to convert into usable metal forms.
  2. Manufacturers purchase the metal to make a product – electronics, appliances, automobiles, steel girders, and more. Scrap is often generated as a byproduct of the manufacturing process (this is called prime or industrial scrap).
  3. Companies and consumers purchase the product. At the end of the product’s life-cycle, it becomes scrap.
  4. Scrap dealers buy scrap from manufacturers, companies, and consumers and processes it to meet mill and foundry specifications (based on the size, shape, form, and chemistry of the metal).
  5. The mill or foundry buys the processed scrap and melts it down to make new steel or metal.
  6. The process begins again.

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