Baler Preventative Maintenance

Baler Preventative Maintenance

We currently have some very challenging times in the recycling market. Commodity prices are extremely low and everyone is working on some seriously thin margins. Now more than ever is when you need to make sure all of your preventative maintenance is being done. This is not just cleaning out material to avoid unnecessary wear and tear on your equipment but also making sure you’re checking wear items and oil condition

Having some down time to give your equipment proper checkups is an excellent way to help avoid serious maintenance issues that can cost considerable production time and be very costly. This can be as simple as checking the thickness of any wear plates in your baler, cutting teeth in your shredder, and checking for any leaks around cylinders. Also checking the oil quality in your equipment is something you should consider. Make sure your filters are being changed regularly. If you have cutting blades making sure they are in good condition and within tolerance of the ram.

Here at Ely Enterprises we have a fully trained service department that can help you with all this providing you with reports and any recommended actions. We also can handle any of the recommended actions that may need to be taken to help keep your equipment running efficiently. You can never eliminate all maintenance issues; after all we all know that equipment breaks down. By doing preventative maintenance you hopefully will avoid unnecessary break downs.

If your equipment has replaceable liner plates we can use an ultrasonic thickness gauge to determine the life remaining on your liner plates. This eliminates the guess work as to when you need to reline your baler.

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