Paper Recycling Facts

Paper Recycling Facts

Today we continue our recycling facts,  we are discussing paper.  This includes many forms of paper, including office paper, newspaper and even corrugated cardboard.  Paper is among one of the largest parts of the waste stream, every year thousands of tons of paper end up in landfills.  For more information on how we can help you with recycling paper and the equipment we have available to assist, please call 216-252-8090.

Fact 1: Half a million trees have to be cut down just to produce the Sunday newspapers each week.

Fact 2: Recycling a single days’ worth of the New York Times could save 75,000 trees or more.

Fact 3: Recycling helps to conserve our natural resources like coal, oil and gas.

Fact 4: If we recycled all newspapers, we could save over 250 million trees each and every year.

Fact 5: Most people in America all use at least seven trees each year, through wood, paper and other types of products that use trees. That is over 2 trillion trees throughout the course of the year when you think about it.

Fact 6: Each American uses around 680 pounds of paper each year, and most people just throw it away instead of recycling it for further use.

Fact 7: 2000 pounds of recycled paper can actually help to save 17 trees, over 350 gallons of oil, and a lot of landfill space. That also means less air pollution!

*Facts are courtesy of C.E.F. Website.