Metal Balers: Efficient Solutions

Metal Balers: Efficient Solutions

Find the most efficient baler selected and tailored to your specifications for your metal baling applications at Ely Enterprises. Recycling firms, automotive manufacturing or aftermarket facilities and other industries that either stamp out metal parts or collect recyclable metals need a ferrous baler to neatly, efficiently and effectively condense and consolidate the scrap into recyclable bales.

Ely offers ferrous balers that can create high density square cubes or rectangular bales, using either a vertical, horizontal or pneumatic feeding system, with single ram, double-ram or three ram operations. A few of the determining factors to aid in proper selection of the right style and size ferrous baler can include:

  • Volume of scrap
  • Number of hours of preferred operation for the baler
  • Available floor or operating space for the baler
  • Preferred system to feed scrap into baler
  • Bale size (dimensions) required

Bale size is often determined by the size of the furnace at the foundry and its capacity. The industry standard is a 2’x2’ cube of metal, but there are many exceptions. Copper and other alloys might measure 5”x7” on a cross section. Some bales can be 50 cubic feet or larger. This is a critical question to help determine ferrous baler selection.

Material Efficiencies

Ferrous balers enable automotive plants to practice efficiencies with the scrap generated during production to utilize every last bit of the material they purchase. One domestic automotive plant that owns a ferrous baler from Ely bales its steel scrap into 8”x8” blocks of variable lengths that weight anywhere from 80-100 lbs each. These are then transformed into new engine blocks for an automotive vehicle.

Conserving Valuable Commodities

One valuable metal that pays dividends when recycled is copper, with the price running above $6,000.00 per ton. Any particle of wasted scrap wastes resources and tosses money out the door. Depending on production volume there could be tons of copper scrap that require baling. A recent inquiry revealed a firm that produced tons of copper scrap resulting in bales of 500 lbs. each. Once baled, this copper scrap can be melted in a furnace for future use on new projects.

Create a Revenue Stream

A customer had literally 4500-5000 used appliances per month to bale, as a delivery service for big box retailers, hauling away old appliances. This operation could fill a scrap truck with five tons of material in no time, but was limited geographically in terms of a scrap aftermarket to sell the material. Adding a baler to his operation enabled this business to create 2,000-lb bales that could more easily ship to a half dozen different scrap yards, enabling the businessman to select the best bid. His investment in a baler paid for itself in less than 18 months.

The proper selection of a ferrous baler can supply multiple benefits for the end user:

  • Efficiency of material processing
  • Reduced labor costs
  • Increase processing amount
  • Make scrap more marketable
  • Maximize container/trailer weight
  • Make material mill-ready
  • Create a revenue stream

Turnkey Provider

Ely Enterprises is a turnkey provider to help determine the best variables during baler selection, through delivery and setup of the machine. Our staff offers a depth of knowledge of end-use applications for scrap metal that helps customers select the best machine for their operations. This maximizes its use, increases efficiencies and supplies a return on investment for years of durable service time.

Any questions please reach out to our staff. Whether we have a machine in inventory or not, we can act as a resource to help guide your purchase decisions. One key that applies to this industry as much as any other—if it sounds too good to be true, it often is. Other dealers might overpromise and under deliver. Select the company that supplies a straight, truthful answer. View our new, used and reconditioned equipment or give us a call at 216-252-8090.