Large Cardboard Baler

Large Cardboard Baler

Everywhere you look, products of all shapes and sizes are packaged in cardboard. It’s an essential material for just about every manufacturer in America, and a lot of it is likely piled high at your facility as waste.

Today, society would find it completely unacceptable to send cardboard waste to the landfill. There’s a better, more environmentally friendly and profitable way to manage that waste, and that’s where we come in. At Ely Enterprises, we sell, lease and rent every size of cardboard balers – with options to fit any footprint and handle any volume. A horizontal cardboard baler is a great solution for many reasons.   

Increased Efficiency  

Without a large cardboard baler, your employees would need to break down, manually stack and palletize your waste before it could be loaded onto a truck or trash compactor. This can be time consuming, and it takes associates away from performing more important tasks at your facility. Even worse, since the stacks of waste aren’t compacted by a large cardboard baler, you can’t get as much of it loaded onto a truck – minimizing the amount of revenue you could be making from your recycler. A trash compactor cost money to have removed and emptied.  

A horizontal baler reduces the volume of your cardboard waste and improves recycling efficiency. Depending on the volume of cardboard waste you produce, we have three options for you to choose from.  

  • Auto-tie horizontal balers are highly efficient and ideal for applications that produce very high volumes of cardboard waste per month.   
  • Manual-tie horizontal balers are ideal for applications that produce much lower volumes of cardboard waste per month.  
  • Vertical Baler – These units come in a multitude of sizes and take up a very small footprint.  

Environmental Sustainability  

Cardboard, like other paper products, is a material that can be recycled repeatedly. When you purchase or rent a large cardboard baler from us, you’ll not only generate an additional revenue stream by selling your waste to a recycler, you’ll also be helping the environment by keeping that waste out of landfills.     

We Offer the Best!  

We rent and sell balers that are made by the most respected manufacturers in the business, including but not limited to: 

  • Harris 
  • Balemaster 
  • American 
  • Cram-A-Lot 
  • Global Equipment  
  • IBC 
  • International LD 
  • ISP  
  • Marathon 
  • Maren 
  • Max-Pak 
  • Selco 

World-Class Service 

When you choose a large cardboard baler from us, you get much more than a quality piece of equipment at a competitive price. You get a team of experts dedicated to serving you every step of the way.  

  • Initial consultation  
  • Shipping and installation 
  • Operational training  
  • Ongoing support  
  • Preventive maintenance  
  • Repairs  
  • Parts 

Today, the demand for recycled cardboard is very strong. When you work with us, we’ll discuss your options and ensure you get the ideal large cardboard baler for your application. Let’s start the discussion!