Industrial Recycling Balers Meet Diverse Needs

Industrial Recycling Balers Meet Diverse Needs

Companies have many options to consider when they explore industrial recycling balers, which are staple items in many daily operations.

Taking care of the environment is one of the obvious benefits when businesses make investments in recycling equipment – whether it’s a new or used unit. They can enjoy a significant savings with disposal costs by diverting waste from landfills. 

Cardboard, scrap metal, and newspapers and just some of the materials that are compressed in balers that vary in size and function. Loading methods, the amount of waste and space affect buying decisions. A baler with a high throughput isn’t always necessary (it depends on overall production needs at any facility).

Many businesses and organizations rely on balers to manage their waste. Examples include: 

  • Manufacturers 
  • Warehouses 
  • Large printers 
  • Distribution centers 
  • Recycling plants 
  • Retailers

Vertical and horizontal designs are the most popular industrial recycling balers that meet diverse needs.

Vertical Balers

They consume less space than horizontal balers – and vertical balers cost much less too. Vertical Balers are perfect for retail stores, distribution centers, and other businesses that need to handle a small amount of material. Explore some of our used vertical balers. 

Horizontal Balers

The equipment is generally much larger than vertical units. Horizontal balers, supported with sorting and shredding features, can handle exceptionally high volumes of materials. They also don’t need as much labor. 

Auto-tie horizontal balers, for example, provide an automated approach to baling material through a horizontal press. Material is automatically tied at the end of each bale by the tying mechanism, which provides a highly efficient way to increase baling capacity. Auto-tie horizontal balers are ideal for distribution centers, manufacturing facilities, mid to large size recycling and material recovery facilities (MRFs), and mid to large size printers. 

Manual-tie balers process material through a horizontal press. These balers can either be manually loaded, or fed by a conveyor. 

Two Ram Balers

The term “two-ram” refers to the fact that there are two “rams” or cylinders, the compression cylinder and the ejection cylinder. These allow the user to maintain constant loading and baling to maximize time and effort. 

Two-ram horizontal balers are multi-material balers that can be configured for non-ferrous scrap, PET, aluminum cans, integrated into a MRF system, or any other high throughput application, such as old corrugated containers (OCC) and newsprint. 

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