Process Cardboard with the Right Baler

Process Cardboard with the Right Baler

The last few weeks we have discussed the process through which your scrap material goes  to be recycled.  Today we are going to focus on what to do with the cardboard scrap that you accumulate in your facility.

How many times has cardboard scrap given you a headache? It is bulky and takes up a lot of room in a dumpster or trash compactor, increasing your collection fees.  Finding a cost effective solution for your cardboard should be a huge priority in your cost cutting efforts.  Well, you may be asking “what would be the best way to process my cardboard scrap?”  The easiest answer is baling.

Ely Enterprises Vertical Baler

Today, I will focus on the simplest method of processing your scrap, and that is a vertical baler.  A vertical baler has a small footprint for your operation, but could have a huge impact on your wallet.   A vertical baler is a piece of equipment that will effectively bale your scrap cardboard and eliminate the need to throw your cardboard in a dumpster.  The baled cardboard can also be a source of revenue when sold to a company that wants to recycle your material.  This is a win/win!   Baling will free up room in your dumpster and can even make your money.

Here is chart to show you the importance of using a vertical baler to bale your material. The chart shows how much each container type will hold.

A yard of loose flattened OCC weighs 50 lbs.

 6 Yard Dumpster  300 Lbs.
 8 yard dumpster  400 lbs.
 10 Yard Roll-Off  500 lbs.
 20 Yard Roll-Off 1000 lbs.
40 Yard Roll-Off 2000 lbs.
60” x 30” x 48” Bale 1000 lbs. Estimated

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