Horizontal Baler Rental Proves its Worth

Horizontal Baler Rental Proves its Worth

Retail centers, warehouses and fulfillment centers buzz with activity as online spending climbs. Consumer goods generate a significant amount of shipping containers and virgin cardboard can be salvaged or recycled multiple times. For example, the average cereal box in today’s market is comprised of approximately 50 percent recycled material.

The Problem

A retail distribution center located in Atlanta was compacting all of its corrugated containers and scrap with trash compactors, but wasn’t able to keep up with the volume. In addition, the system required a lot of labor and maintenance to clear jams and breakdowns. The facility’s compactors were running above 100% capacity to keep up with the volume.

Initially the distribution center balked at replacing the compactors with a horizontal baler. An auto-tie horizontal baler represents a significant investment. The facilities manager wasn’t convinced it held the solution their company needed.

Ely Enterprises evaluated the volume and type of scrap the facility generated and offered the distribution center a one-year rental option on a horizontal baler. This year-long rental helped demonstrate to the facility manager the baler’s efficiency and ease of use.

The Payoff

After this trial period, the distribution center purchased and installed three new auto-tie horizontal balers. These three balers were situated at scrap generation points within the facility. The initial investment of more than $750,000 paid for itself in less than twelve months. While market conditions vary from year to year the annually savings from reduced hauling and disposal fees, combined with the sale of baled material produce a significant ROI.

The Power

A horizontal baler generates 150,000 lbs. or more of ram force and can create up to ten bales per hour due to its automated system, continuous feed and superior bale density.

The three balers in combination process 20 tons of scrap per day for this single facility all while eliminating maintenance headaches.

Owning and operating the right size and capacity baling machine can help retail distribution and/or fulfillment centers:

  • Maintain a clean and safe work environment
  • Clear waste efficiently
  • Save on labor
  • Eliminate waste hauling charges
  • Generate revenue

Ely Enterprises offers both new and used vertical and horizontal balers and recycling equipment. Ely’s turnkey delivery and installment require no effort on the part of the purchaser beyond hooking up electricity. Contact Ely Enterprises today to evaluate the return on investment your facility can achieve with a horizontal baler.