Harris Two-Ram Baler Case Study: Red Ball Recycling

Harris Two-Ram Baler Case Study: Red Ball Recycling

About the Customer 

Located in Clarksville, Indiana, Red Ball Recycling handles a wide variety of nonferrous scrap grades, including aluminum beverage cans, copper wire and stainless steel. With decades of experience, the company is recognized as one of the most financially stable and well-run scrap yards in the Greater Louisville area.   

The Opportunity 

As Red Ball’s business continued to grow, the company saw an opportunity to increase the volume of scrap flowing through their facility by upgrading to an auto-tie horizontal baler. While their manual-tie baler performed well, the company realized that a refurbished auto-tie horizontal baler would do more than improve productivity in the scrap yard.  It would lower their operating costs and improve their cash flow, as well.  The prospect of upgrading to a refurbished auto-tie horizontal baler simply made great sense on both the operations and financial fronts. 

The Solution  

After looking at their options, Red Ball was referred to Ely Enterprises to help select the ideal equipment for their application.  After several consultations, the team at Ely Enterprises recommended a used Harris Badger L-75 11/8 two-ram baler. The fully refurbished baler included the following features:  

  • An automatic wire tying system 
  • Adjustable knives for easy maintenance  
  • Thick wear liners that allow for long run times 
  • A wide stance to minimize flexing during the baling cycle 
  • Total control user interface terminals which included a multi-function touch screen display with up-to-the-second diagnostic and production information 
  • A uni-body construction design with the strength and rigidity to handle difficult nonferrous metals 

In addition to upgrading their baler, Red Ball also purchased a new conveyor from Ely Enterprises to feed nonferrous metal into their refurbished machine.   

“We’ve been getting good, tight bales with the Badger and making weight on our trailers.  From a shipping standpoint, it reduces our transport costs, and that’s very important to our business.  Thank you, Ely Enterprises!”   

— Brian Donaghy, President and Owner, Red Ball Recycling  

The Result  

The refurbished Harris Badger L-75 11/8 two-ram was a high-quality, cost-effective baler solution.  Following the installation, Red Ball began to experience a number of significant benefits, including: 

  • 20 percent greater performance  
  • A 200 percent increase in production speed  
  • Improved cash flow 
  • Reduced operating costs 
  • Lower maintenance costs  

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