Baler FAQ

Baler FAQ

Q – Do I need a baler?

A – If you generate any type of waste or byproduct that can be recycled, you could use a baler or possibly another piece of recycling equipment to reclaim the valuable material. In addition you will be saving on waste removal costs and possibly on labor hours breaking down certain materials like cardboard boxes.

Q – What kind of baler do I need for my application?

A – The type and size of baler or other piece of recycling equipment you need for your application will vary. Based on the size and volume of material and if you foresee growth in this waste stream one of our qualified sales representatives would be glad to help you. We then will look at how you plan on loading the material into the baler or recycling equipment.

Q – What are the benefits of baling or recycling my waste material?

A – You will see an immediate cost savings in having the material hauled off. Sometimes that savings alone can create a very quick return on your investment. In addition your baled material is usually worth money that national and or local recyclers will pay you for. We also will gladly help you find these recyclers in your area that you can work with directly.

Q – What are the pros and cons between new and used recycling equipment?

A – There are many reasons to look at both options. The first usually is getting the right piece of equipment for the budget. There are other factors based on the new technology being used on new baling equipment. Also looking at the benefits of more advanced options in relation to your specific application. Used equipment also has many benefits with the first being a cost savings. Finding quality used equipment and using a distributor that will stand behind the reconditioning they do with a warranty is a key. Contact us today and we will be happy to go through these options with you.

For Information on Recycling Equipment Please Contact Ely Enterprises at 888-8-Balers(225377)