Ferrous Baler Case Study: GPS M6 Scrap Metal Baler

Ferrous Baler Case Study: GPS M6 Scrap Metal Baler

About Our Customer

Based in Greater Chicago, our customer is the largest independently-owned, single-location retailer of electronics, appliances and home goods in America.  Led by the third generation of the company’s founding family, the business employs 1,800 employees and operates a 30,000 square foot onsite recycling center where they bale ferrous metal from scrap appliances, then sell the bales to multiple recyclers. The center also handles cardboard, plastic, polystyrene, and anything else their delivery crew might haul away from a customer’s home or business.

The Opportunity

In the normal course of running their business, our customer operates a fleet of 400 trucks that deliver new appliances to their customers and remove their old ones – which are taken back to the company’s onsite recycling center. Once the scrap appliances arrived at the facility, they were shredded into chips, bailed and sold to a single recycling company. At the time, their baling equipment was creating loosely baled blocks of scrap that took up significant space on the trucks heading to the recycler. As a result, the loads were smaller and lighter, which increased the number of trips it took to clear the scrap out of their facility, as well as the associated freight costs.  Our customer decided to look for a better solution that would lower those costs and create greater efficiencies at their recycling center. That’s when Ely Enterprises stepped in.

The Solution

Following a series of consultations with our team, we identified and recommended the ideal baler for their situation – a GPS M6 scrap metal baler.  With the new equipment, Our customer would be able to crush the old appliances into highly dense blocks of scrap that would weigh more than their previous bales yet take up less space on the outbound trucks. This would allow the company to place more bales on each truck, reducing the number of loads it would take to clear the material out of their facility. It would also allow them to sell more metal on each trip to the recycler and increase their margins by lowering their freight costs.

In addition, our customer received much more than a quality piece of equipment at a competitive price. Establishing a strong customer service relationship, the Ely team also delivered:

  • Initial consultation  
  • Shipping and installation 
  • Operational training
  • Ongoing support
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Repairs
  • Parts 

The Result

After the startup of their new GPS M6 scrap metal baler, our customer began to experience a number of significant benefits, including:

  • Higher margins on their bales of scrap 
  • 75% reduction in outbound shipments  
  • One-Year ROI payback on the new baler due to freight savings 
  • Ability to expand and sell scrap to multiple recyclers at better prices 

 If you’re searching for a highly experienced business partner to help you with your ferrous scrap baler needs, we’re ready to help. Let’s start the discussion today!