Ferrous Metal Balers

Ferrous Metal Balers

Today we are going to continue our discussion on scrap metal equipment, specifically large ferrous scrap balers. These are an essential part of the metal recycling industry.

Ferrous metal balers can be categorized as two- or three-compression or three-ram. In a two-compression model, one side or wing door squeezes the material along with the main ram. In a three-compression model, both sides and wing doors squeeze the material along with the main ram, or one side, a top lid and the main ram. All rams and compression tops and sides are hydraulically operated. A three-ram model has a main compression ram, another one that compresses from the top, and a third one that ejects the bale. Material is usually fed into the baler with a crane or a magnet. Some units have shear knives to cut extruding materials.

These units can be used to bale:

  • Soft Alloys
  • Factory Clips and Skeletons
  • Shapes & Wire
  • Tubing
  • Non-Ferrous Metals also

Ferrous balers produce bales that range in size from 12”-24” cubes generally and can have bale weights of up to 100#’s.

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