Ferrous Equipment Applications

Ferrous Equipment Applications

Last week we discussed steel recycling and how it is the highest recycled material on the planet by a huge amount.  We will discuss the applications that ferrous processing equipment can help with.  Reducing the size of the steel that is going to a mill is important and with the proper equipment can be much easier.

Some of the applications that Ferrous Scrap Machines can handle are:

  •  Auto Scrap
  • Steel Mill Scrap
  • Pipe and Plate
  • No.1 Heavy Melt Scrap
  • No.2 Heavy Melt Scrap
  • Selected sections of freight cars and ship scrap
  • Stainless Sheet
  • Factory Clips & Skeletons
  • Shapes & Wire
  • Tubing
  • Various Metals (Copper, Aluminum Sheet)

Stay tuned next week we will talk about Scrap Shears and how they can help your facility.

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