Ever wonder what happens to your aluminum?

Ever wonder what happens to your aluminum?

Today we are going to look at the recycling process for aluminum scrap, what happens to it after it is picked up from your curb?

Aluminum takes many forms. It’s used for consumer products ranging from beverage cans

Baled Aluminum Cans

to TV dinner trays to door frames. It’s rolled and made into foil (often inaccurately called “tinfoil”). It’s all aluminum, and it’s all recyclable.

The scrap metal may go through several hands, including a recycler or scrap metal dealer. Its route, and whether it is sold domestically or abroad, depends on such business conditions as cost of transportation, supply, and demand.

But eventually all scrap metal reaches a producer, or smelter, where it may be shredded or ground into small chips before being melted and cast into ingots. The ingots are sent on to manufacturing plants where they are rolled into sheets of aluminum and used to manufacture end products ranging from cans to castings to car bodies. The major market for shredded aluminum are exports (comprising a variety of end-users) and domestic smelters.

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