Cresswood Shredders from Ely Enterprises Inc. Solve Major Headaches for Two Large Customers

Cresswood Shredders from Ely Enterprises Inc. Solve Major Headaches for Two Large Customers

At Ely Enterprises, we pride ourselves on supplying recycling and waste handling systems from the very best equipment manufacturers. Read on to learn how we helped two customers increase their operational efficiencies with the unprecedented performance and superior longevity of Cresswood Shredders.

Expanding Capabilities for a Recycling Plant

A large recycling plant based in Northeast Ohio maintains direct market relationships with paper mills and processors all over the country and abroad, and their vast network of mill outlets and processing centers guarantees excellent pricing and consistent movement of all paper grades and recyclable materials.

To enhance operational efficiencies and add additional value for their customers, this customer saw an opportunity to expand their paper and cardboard shredding capabilities by upgrading to a larger, more powerful industrial shredder. The company is always looking for new and better ways to serve their customers, and the time was right for it to invest in the future. The question was, who should they turn to for the equipment they needed? That’s where Ely Enterprises Inc. came in.

Following a series of consultations with the customer, we identified and recommended a Cresswood XRV700 slow-speed, high-torque, single-shaft industrial shredder. The equipment delivered the increased capacity and shredding power that the recycling plant needed.

The XRV700 Features:

  • Screen sections for easy handling 
  • Optional hydraulic screen carriage 
  • Cresswood Evernew Technology 
  • Optional grooved bedplate 
  • Easy service access 
  • V-rotor cutter-head design yields maximum output 
  • Fluid clutch 
  • Rugged steel frame 
  • Ram Track™ guide system 
Cresswood XRV700 Shredder

Delivering Reliability for a Producer of Automotive Documents and Promotional Materials

Another Cresswood Shredder success story originates in Central Ohio – with one of the largest companies in America that manufactures and distributes business forms and promotional items to automotive dealerships. Their products help dealers reduce compliance risk, brand their dealership, increase efficiency and simplify administrative processes.

This customer was experiencing reliability issues with their shredder that were increasing maintenance costs and increasing equipment downtime. The old equipment was simply getting too expensive to maintain, and it was interrupting production. In fact, the old shredder required two shifts to complete a single shift’s worth of work. The solution from Ely Enterprise Inc. was the answer.

During Ely’s discovery process, our team learned more about the customer’s material, workload demands and capacity needs, as well as their facility layout. Ultimately, a XRV400 shredder was recommended. The new equipment delivered dependable, durable, low-maintenance performance.

The XRV400 Features:

  • Easy Service Access 
  • V-Rotor Cutterhead Design Yields Maximum Output 
  • Screen Sections for Easy Handling 
  • Cresswood Evernow Technology 
  • Optional Grooved Bedplate 
  • Fluid Clutch 
  • Rugged Steel Frame 
  • Ram Track™ Guide System
Cresswood XRV400 Shedder

Discover the Benefits of Cresswood Shredders from Ely Enterprises

After the startup of their new XRV700 and XRV 400 industrial paper shredders, both customers began to experience a number of benefits, including:

  • Enhanced operational efficiency – ability to shred higher volumes of paper waste. 
  • Added value for customers – ability to shred a larger mix of waste for their customers. 
  • Additional revenue – higher waste throughput

If you’re searching for a highly experienced business partner to help you solve your paper and cardboard shredding problems, Contact Ely