Considerations for Compactor Rentals

Considerations for Compactor Rentals

Renting a compactor from Ely Enterprises can offer several advantages to businesses generating large volumes of scrap, waste, and trash. Some key benefits of choosing compactor rentals over buying new or used equipment include:

Cost Savings:

Renting a compactor eliminates the upfront costs associated with purchasing new equipment. This allows businesses to allocate their budget more efficiently and allocate funds to other critical areas.


Compactor rentals provide flexibility in terms of duration. Businesses can rent the equipment for a specific project, seasonal needs, or during peak production times without a long-term commitment.

No Maintenance Costs:

Renting a compactor from Ely Enterprises means that maintenance costs and repairs are typically covered by the rental agreement. This can lead to significant savings over time, as the responsibility for upkeep lies with the rental provider.

Access to Latest Technology:

Recycling equipment technology evolves, and renting allows businesses to access the latest and most efficient compactors without the commitment of purchasing. This ensures that the business benefits from the most advanced features and capabilities.

Testing and Evaluation:

Renting provides an opportunity for businesses to test the compactor’s performance and suitability for their specific waste management needs before making a long-term investment. This trial period helps in making an informed decision based on real-world usage.

Adaptability to Changing Needs:

Businesses with fluctuating waste volumes may find renting more practical. This allows them to easily scale up or down based on their current requirements without the burden of owning equipment that might be underutilized during certain periods.

Before deciding whether to buy or rent a compactor, customers should consider several factors.  

  • Assess how frequently the compactor will be used. If it’s for occasional projects or seasonal spikes in waste generation, renting may be a more economical choice. However, if the business anticipates consistent, high-volume waste production, purchasing may be a more suitable option. 
  • Evaluate the budget available for waste management equipment. Compactor rentals provide a cost-effective solution for businesses with limited capital or those looking to allocate funds strategically. 
  • And lastly, consider the business’s ability to handle maintenance and repairs. Renting shifts, the responsibility to the rental provider. But if you decide to purchase reconditioned or new equipment, know that Ely Enterprises offers preventative maintenance programs to keep your equipment fine-tuned.  

Looking for a compactor, but not sure if renting or owning is the best route for your business? Get an expert opinion by contacting our team to help you evaluate the options.