Cardboard Baler Choices

Cardboard Baler Choices

The cardboard baler has become an indispensable piece of equipment for businesses. Used in enterprises as varied as restaurants, convenience stores, fulfillment centers, and manufacturing sites, cardboard balers have become the answer to keeping operations tidy, efficient, and sustainable. By compressing and tying up the cardboard bundles as processed, a cardboard baler typically initiates the first step in the recycling process. It also controls potential fire hazards and prevents used cardboard boxes and waste from cluttering valuable processing and storage spaces.

Two Cardboard Baler Choices

Designed to compress cardboard boxes or other bulk packaging materials via hydraulic power, balers tie up the finished loads of cardboard, keeping them small and manageable. Two types of balers exist:

  • Vertical balers are compact machines perfect for most lower-volume cardboard processors. Retail stores, warehouses, distribution centers, supermarkets, restaurants, hotels, office facilities, and many industrial facilities could all benefit from a reliable vertical baler, with its small footprint but big appetite for processing waste. Once the baler is full, an attendant typically feeds in baling wire to tie up the contents, which is ready for storage and transport for recycling.
  • Horizontal balers are larger, higher capacity machines suited to handle higher volume situations and typically featuring advanced automation. Available in manual-tie or auto-tie configurations, these balers do well when processing larger volumes of cardboard.

Ely Enterprises offers a wide variety of new and reconditioned cardboard balers in both configurations as well as rental units, all tailored to meet your company’s specific requirements.

Service You Can Rely On

Ely Enterprises also offers full-service capabilities and has a fully stocked parts department. Whether it is a preventative maintenance program or a full reline on your baler, let Ely Enterprises assist you with your recycling equipment service needs. We provide installations, relines, relocations, repairs, reconditioning services, and facility design capabilities. Our fully stocked parts department offers service and repair parts and essentials like baling wire to get you online in the shortest possible time.

Our parts department has an extensive inventory of hardware for most makes and models of recycling equipment. Our factory-trained service technicians have the combined equivalent of a century and a half’s worth of experience in the recycling equipment industry. Contact Ely for industry-leading product knowledge and service capability.