Auto Tie Balers for Recycling

Auto Tie Balers for Recycling

Built to handle the big jobs, an auto tie baler can supercharge your baling efforts beyond those possible with a standard vertical baler or a manual horizontal baler.

Faster, Better, More Productive

Unlike manual balers, where the operator ties up each bale, the auto tie baler features automation to do the job better and faster. The automated tie baler enables you to transform used paper, cardboard, plastic, aluminum, and other scrap metal into recycling revenues.

Simply load the chamber fully and your auto tie baler does the rest, compressing, tying, and ejecting the bale onto a conveyor, ready for you to store for transport to a recycling facility. Auto tie balers are faster than a manual horizontal baler. For the toughest recycling jobs, auto tie balers come in various configurations capable of processing the harder-to-compress materials.

Labor Savings

With labor at a premium these days, auto tie balers enable you to redirect employees to more productive activities. It’s also ten times faster than manual baling. With a lifespan of ten years, which can easily stretch to 20 or 30 years with appropriate maintenance and support, your investment in an auto tie baler will pay dividends for decades to come.

To Buy the Best, Buy Ely

Ely Enterprises offers a wide variety of auto tie balers from leading manufacturers like Harris, American Baler, Balemaster, and others. Some equipment includes intuitive touch-screen controls, dual oil coolers, and other advanced features. We also have selections of used and rental balers from the same brands, all backed by Ely Enterprises’ exceptional service and support.

Ely has a strong reputation in the industry as a value-added provider. Our engineers can help you with design recommendations and advice on equipment features that will supply the best fit for your baling situation. We offer a complete package of turnkey installation services, from setup to service after the sale. We’ll deliver your baler on our trucks to ensure it’s up and working when it’s needed. Learn more about our horizontal auto tie balers by contacting us at 888-8-BALERS (22-5377), or to discuss your specific scrap volume.