Aluminum Recycling Facts

Aluminum Recycling Facts

Today we are going to talk about some facts on the importance of recycling  your aluminum cans.  Every day we throw out so much aluminum that ends up in a landfill, aluminum cans are one of the easiest recyclable materials on the planet.  There are many ways we can all do a better job with recycling materials that go into the waste stream.  For more information on how we can help with your aluminum recycling and the equipment we have available, please call us at 216-252-8090.

Fact 1: Aluminum cans can actually be recycled and put back onto the shelf at your local grocery store in just about 2 months.

Fact 2: Aluminum cans are probably the most recycled item, at least in the United States. While this is true, you can also recycle other forms of aluminum as well.

Fact 3: Recycling an aluminum can help to save a great deal of energy, in fact, enough to run your home television for about three hours!

Fact 4: Most beverage cans are made up of aluminum, even though there are other products that go into it as well.

Fact 5: If you throw away your aluminum cans, they can stay in that can form for up to 500 years or more- so recycling is the way to go.

Fact 6: You can recycle aluminum over and over again, and there is really no limit to it.

Fact 7: There are over 80 billion aluminum cans used each and every year around the world.

Fact 8: Aluminum used to be more valuable than gold, many years ago.

*Facts are courtesy of C.E.F. Website.