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Nelson Packaging has reduced its operating costs by using Harris auto-tie balers to handle OCC at its Lima, Ohio, complex.

Nelson Packaging has reduced its operating costs by using Harris auto-tie balers to handle OCC at its Lima, Ohio, complex.

Lima, Ohio-based Nelson Packaging Co. Inc. (NPC) has enjoyed three decades of company growth in the plastics packaging sector. The company’s 330,000-square-foot complex prepares and fills consumer packaged products for both niche and global mass market customers.

Although making and filling consumer packaged goods is at the core of NPC’s business, the Lima complex receives a steady supply of materials and supplies shipped in corrugated boxes. The company’s daily operations generate a sizable amount of old corrugated containers (OCC) that would quickly yield a space-cluttering challenge if not baled and stored promptly.

According to NPC Chief Operating Officer James Loughrin, from 2000 to 2013 OCC at the Lima plant was handled first by one small vertical baler, with a second vertical baler and a manual-tie horizontal baler added during that timeframe. “These balers were in operation on two shifts with an average of two employees per baler per shift to operate,” says Loughrin.

In 2013, Loughrin and NPC contacted Ken Ely of Lorain, Ohio-based Harris recycling equipment dealer Ely Enterprises “to review options for a single auto-tie baling unit to reduce baling operational labor costs and combine all baling into one building at our site.”

The company’s new Harris HLO-518 AR50 horizontal baler “eliminated the three small balers from our site and, more importantly, allowed us to move 10 employees from baling into our packing operations,” states Loughrin.

NPC’s subsequent company growth, however, has meant yet more OCC generated onsite, and again Harris and Ely Enterprises were brought in to address the issue. “In 2015, NPC ownership invested in a major construction project to double our manufacturing space, which involved building a separate facility on our campus,” says Loughrin.

“As new business has been added to this new facility, the need arose for a second auto-tie baler,” he continues. “Our second auto-tie baler purchase was a Harris HLO-6110-AR50 horizontal baler.” Loughrin points to “volume capacity and dependability” as reasons why NPC has been loyal to the Harris brand. “Both balers have performed well,” says Loughrin. “The output from the Harris balers with improved bales (in terms of weight and size) has resulted in additional OCC revenue,” he notes.

He also credits his Harris dealer for providing attentive service that assures him NPC made the right choices. “Ely Enterprises has been our primary point of contact on both baler projects, and Ken and his team have earned an A+ rating for their unwavering integrity, excellent technical capability and responsive service.”

Harris HLO balers are built to keep such service at a minimum. They are constructed using a one-piece, side wall design with plate reinforcement to increase overall strength and durability and to withstand everyday wear and tear. More information on the durable models can be found at http://harrisequip.com/products/horizontal-balers/hlo/.

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