Balemaster Baler


As every application is unique, Balemaster’s broad line of balers is the result of meeting unique customer requirements. Closed-door, auto-tie, wide-mouth, and large-feed hopper balers are available for waste or recycling baler needs.

Balemaster offers superior design, feature-rich touchscreen diagnostics and controls, industry-leading energy efficiencies, easy maintenance, increased reliability and longer service life. All backed up by flexible service programs. Simply put, Balemaster balers are built to be the best.

A few unique product innovations from Balemaster:

  • Touchscreen Controls
  • Advanced Dust Control
  • Energy Efficient Hydraulic Power Packs
  • Trunion Mounted Cylinder
  • Bale Density Control System

For more than six decades Balemaster has distinguished itself as a leader in heavy-duty, automated baler technology for waste management and recycling requirements. Devotion to engineering, innovation and manufacturing excellence delivers superior automated waste-handling equipment. Balers can be equipped to meet specific material-handling needs. These include a broad range of items such as corrugated boxes, cardboard, paper, folding cartons, chipboard, OCC, ONP, PET, HDPE, films, foils, aluminum cans, non-wovens and other material for recycling.

Ely Enterprises is your exclusive Balemaster Baler Distributor for Ohio and the surrounding areas.  Let us assist you in finding the right equipment for your facility.  Our service technicians are all graduates of Balemaster’s service school and ready to help with your service needs in the event that your equipment would need attention.

We can also aid you with innovative financing options for your equipment purchases with one of our finance partnerships.


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If you are interested in Balemaster equipment please contact our sales staff at 216-252-8090, or email at

Since 1946, Balemaster has distinguished itself as a manufacturing and recycling equipment leader. Their balers capably handle just about any recycling or waste management need to support corporate and municipal recycling programs. Balemaster is also the global leader in baler technology that features automation – a tremendous boon to recycling efforts that require continuous feeds or multiple operations during each day.

Ely Enterprises backs up Balemaster sales with our flexible service programs. Put simply, Balemaster balers are built to be the best for recycling paper and cardboard products. We can meet your requirements.