Auto-Tie Balers

Before you buy new or used auto-tie balers, you should have a firm handle on your operational goals and priorities.

For example, you should consider the following in your selection process:

  • Labor (and training)
  • Space in your facility
  • Types (as well as sizes) of material
  • Volume of material
  • Throughput you need

We’re ready to help you through those and many other technical questions. We specialize in high-quality and long-lasting equipment that meets safety standards.

It’s wise to seriously weigh the advantages of auto-tie horizontal balers when your production needs exceed 150 tons/month. These balers are especially suited for:

  • Distribution centers
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Mid to large size recycling and material recovery facilities (MRFs)
  • Mid to large size printers

Auto-tie horizontal balers are a great solution for everything from shredded materials and document destruction to OCC recycling and high paper grades.

If they regularly use auto-tie balers, businesses will enjoy many benefits, including the money they will save and improved productivity. They’ll also protect the environment.

We offer a full range of auto-tie balers that are designed to match your specific applications. Material is automatically tied at the end of each bale by the tying mechanism, providing a highly efficient solution for increased capacity baling needs. Equipment features:

  • Wide feed openings
  • Exceptional cycle times
  • Heavy-duty wire inserter needles with sheave wire guides
  • Adjustable settings
  • Full automation
  • Touch screens
  • Reliable components
  • Essential safety information

Would you like to learn more about auto-tie balers and how the right one can make a difference for your company? Contact us today or call (216) 245-5783.

At any time, you can count on our fully-staffed, factory-trained, service department. We can assist you with parts and all facets of your projects, including:

  • Complete Recycling Systems
  • Baler and Shear Relines
  • Equipment Installation
  • Facility Design and Equipment Layout
  • System Troubleshooting