Used vs New Recycling Equipment

Used vs New Recycling Equipment

Used vs New

The never ending question that a customer often asks is “should I buy a new baler or should I buy a used or refurbished baler”. Well, it’s all about peace of mind. If you want to place a baler and have almost no risk then you should spend the money and buy new. Limited risk, buy a refurbished baler. Higher risk then buy an as-is baler. Always buy from a dealer. Deals on the open market might look much better than they appear.

Used vs New Recycling equipment

I recently visited a customer that had bought a refurbished 1985 Balemaster on an auction site for about $ 27,000. Well, it was a Balemaster frame but the cylinder, electrical box, controls and even the tier were not Balemaster parts. It was virtually a Frankenstein baler of various parts and was not even close to an ’85. My only suggestion to him was to start over. Twenty-seven thousand dollars down the drain. So, if it looks too good to be true then it probably is.

We take pride in every unit we send out of this facility. We understand that a refurbished vertical is just as important to the buyer as the new Balemaster auto-tie. We offer the right solutions to our customers – every time! Trust our 35 years of experience.

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