Selco VI-5 Vertical Baler

Selco VI-5 Vertical Baler

Used 60″ Selco VI-5 Vertical Baler

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  • 6″ Cylinder
  • 10 HP Motor
  • 60″ x 30″ x 48″ Bale Size

When you or your team look for a powerful, fast baling solution for cardboard and paper products, consider Selco vertical balers. With single-individual operations and a smaller “footprint” in your facility, you can reduce the disposal costs for cardboard, feel better about conservation efforts, and still have more space on your floor for storage or other operations.

Selco balers manufactured by are the speedy, powerful baling solution for many companies. Requiring just one person to bale, imagine the manpower hours you’ll save when breaking down cardboard.

When you decide to choose a Selco vertical baler, purchasing from Ely Enterprises ensures that you’ll receive high-quality, genuine products. Ely Enterprises also offers extra services in-support of your vertical baler – services like installation, repairs, reconditioning, preventative maintenance and much more.