Scrap Pricing First Quarter

Scrap Pricing First Quarter

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2017 scrap pricing has shown some encouraging progress,  pricing has had some fluctuations over the past couple months, but all in all, seems to be much farther up than numbers in 2016.

Good news from the recycling industry, from Waste 360 writer Leone Young spotlighting the Q1 from the big three solid waste companies “Depending on the company’s recycled commodity “basket”, recycled commodity pricing rose anywhere between 61 percent to 70 percent year-over-year, boosting all the companies’ revenue growth more than anticipated.

Although if you read one of the latest USA Today articles on the recycling industry, you’d see otherwise (graph ends Dec 2016, Q1 had a big pickup!)  Check out the USA today Article on our Website.

Everything discussed at the last couple pricing blogs has seemed to come to fruition in the metal market. The rebound came, and seems to be hovering over the past few months.

National Average Scrap Prices (as of 5/2/17):

  • Bare Bright Copper: $1.92-2.27/ lb
  • Copper Pipe: $1.77-2.17/ lb
  • Insulated Copper: 0.95-1.53 / lb
  • Aluminum Sheet: $0.22-$0.33
  • Stainless Steel: $0.24-0.37 / lb
  • Aluminum Cans: $0.22-0.32 / lb

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