Cardboard Baler Advantages: Recycling Equals Added Profits

Cardboard Baler Advantages: Recycling Equals Added Profits

All of us as business managers or owners are always looking for ways to improve the bottom line for our company.  One of the most overlooked and simplest areas to save money and decrease operating expense is in the material that we throw away.

Everyone remembers the garbage barge that floated around the east coast years ago, which resulted in an increase in residential and municipal recycling, but few companies have taken the same approach to their business.

Having a cardboard baler on hand is one of the most often overlooked and easiest ways to decrease your disposal cost is by reducing the amount of

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material that you have hauled away.  For instance, if your waste stream has any amount of old cardboard boxes, you can separate them from the remaining trash and recycle them.  In most cases it requires putting the material a baled form, which means purchasing a baler.  These units are inexpensive and usually produce payback in under 12-18 Months.  By remove the cardboard from the waste stream you can reduce your disposal fees accordingly, i.e., if 50 percent of your waste is old boxes, then you would reduce your disposal costs by an equal percentage of 50 percent.  You can then sell the baled material to a recycler, or in some cases directly to a mill who will convert them into new paper.

The recycled paper market is always fluctuating in price, it’s been as high as high as $200 a ton for baled cardboard and as low as $20.

Next week we will continue this article with part 2.  We will be discussing compactor options.