Helpful Baling Wire Supplies

Helpful Baling Wire Supplies



Today we are going to discuss some helpful tools that can be used to make dealing with baling wire easier.  We all know that at times baling wire is tough to deal with at times, whether it’s lifting those 100 # boxes onto the machine or tying heavy gauge wire, here are some suggestions to help you.

First let’s talk about those heavy boxes of wire, and a way that could make getting them onto the machine easier.  We recently found the Hefti-Lift hydraulic lift, this machine can lift those boxes of wire into place with just the push of a pedal.  It works in a similar way to a fork-lift, it lifts things into place to make life easier.

Wire-Tie Tool

Working with heavy gauge wire can be a real pain, it is tough to twist and tie off bales.  To help with this situation, we offer a bale tie tool.  This gadget will help make tying off that heavy gauge wire by hand so much easier.  It works by taking the that wire and twisting it for you with just a few cranks on the handle.



For more information on these products please visit our baling wire page on our website.

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