Equipment options in a Down Market (Part 4)

Equipment options in a Down Market (Part 4)

Today we conclude our discussion on purchasing equipment in a down market with financing options.  In today’s market it is important to have creative options to find our customers financing on their recycling equipment purchases.

With the uncertainty of the recycling market, it is good to explore all of your options when it comes to recycling equipment.  Finding a financing option for customers has increased with the down turn in the market.  Ken Ely recently in an article in Scrap Magazine was quoted as saying, “finding financing has enabled many of our customers to purchase equipment that normally was not in their budget.”

Whether it is new or used recycling equipment, there are financing options available for most customers.  Giving customers different options whether it is renting, financing, new or reconditioned are becoming much more important as the recycling material markets grow.

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